Catching the bad guy – A Loss Prevention Agent at Work – Atlanta

Employing a loss prevention agent reduces loss from shoplifters in your business.  We would like to think that the individuals that choose to shop in our business would be honest, hardworking folks looking to spend their money on our quality products.  But, unfortunately, there are those that would prefer to have the “five finger discount” on items they’d like to own but do not want to pay for – your items.

A loss prevention agent is an employee that can be trained to survey your sales floor, watching for shoplifters.  Your business should have a reliable loss prevention policy in place before creating this type of program.  A loss prevention agent can dress like your average shopper, but can watch for any type of suspicious activity, so that activity can be reported to management.  Or, in the case of a shoplifter within your business, the loss prevention agent can make a shoplifter apprehension and seek prosecution of the thief.

Loss prevention consultants can be brought into your business to help you create a good loss prevention/asset protection policy.  These experts are invaluable, and years of experience as well as in depth knowledge can work for a business, in order to implement a viable and worthwhile program.

A business owner may notice that his or her business is experiencing a significant loss of profit due to lost merchandise.  This is a wake-up call to the business owner – a loss prevention program needs to be implemented.  Loss prevention consultants or a loss prevention agent can do the job.

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A Loss Prevention Agent Can Solve Your Riddle and Protect The Innocent

The following two scenarios are pretty good clues you should seriously consider talking to a professional loss prevention agent.

Scenario one: You are a retail business owner who has a suspicion that you have an employee who is stealing from you, but you can’t quite put your finger on it the specifics.

Scenario two: There have been small amounts of cash missing, the register doesn’t always balance at the end of the day, or that item of merchandise you were sure you had yesterday can’t be located today, and there is no record of its being sold.

You may be asking yourself the following questions:

How do you find confirm you have a case of employee theft and how do you determine the how serious it is?

Is now the time to confront the suspect employee or to launch a full blown internal investigation to find the source of you suspicions?

Will a confrontation cause the guilty employee to stop his actions before you are able to prove involvement and have a chance at restitution?

In order to alleviate internal theft properly, certain steps must be taken by a qualified loss prevention agent.  These trained professionals will protect any innocent employees from feeling suspect and to protect you from any liability.

This is the time to contact an experienced loss prevention consultant who has the skills and experience to quickly get to the bottom of your problem and to find out the depth of employee involvement using highly developed investigative analytics and interview skills and to bring the situation to a successful conclusion.

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