When they don’t work alone

I am seeing more and more cases where my internal (employee) theft cases revolve around an employee and someone from the outside. That is just fine by me. When you have a single associate stealing, it can be problematic trying to find out how and where they are stealing.

 When an employee is working with someone, I see more activity around the registers. It may sound strange, but it works out better for me in the long run.

 Most of the time when an employee passes merchandise off to a buddy or relative, they move the product past the checkouts. It is to give the appearance that the items are being paid for. The other reason is that is where the detachers are to get rid of any checkpoint labels or checkpoint security tags that are present.

 For a lot of retailers, the cash wraps are where the bulk of cameras are. So when an employee is at the register deactivating RF labels, we can see what is going on, as well as recording it for further evidence.

 By having Checkpoint labels and Checkpoint security tags on our product, it slows down the theft giving us a better chance at detecting the pass off, and accurately case building. We can recover more merchandise and restitution in the end, all thanks to the RF labels.

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