On The Inside

When I was in my teenage years, it seems like I had plenty of disposable income. It was never a stretch to go out and buy some new little trinket, or a new CD. As the years went by, my discretionary funds if you will, seemed to give way to new expenses like a car payment, mortgage, etc. My new CD purchases have been few and far between.

 The other day, I did go out and buy a new CD. It had been a while, and quite frankly I was shocked to see that stores still carried CDs. After I got home with my new purchase, I eagerly ripped into the packaging. Ten minutes later I finally got the plastic wrap off. Inside the cover, on the insert, was a little RF security label.

 It seemed like a rather unfortunate place to put an RF label since the insert can easily be removed. To stop shoplifting, using an RF security label is an important step. When I think of how long it took me to actually get into my CD, I think it is a very good hiding spot for the RF label. I just really wish they had put it on the inside of the case, instead of ruining my insert.

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