Take the Work out of Retail Theft Prevention with Checkpoint Systems

Sometimes the customers that you think are going to steal from you are honest, and other times the ones you would never believe are stealing are really robbing you blind.  You can’t judge a book by its cover and when it comes to identifying those that wish to steal from you anti shoplifting efforts can feel useless…..

Retail theft prevention is more than just observing customers and paying extra attention to those that are stealing.  Anti shoplifting techniques are broad and expansive, and can be geared to fit the type of business that you operate.  One option to help stop shoplifting is utilizing retail anti theft devices.

Checkpoint security systems are an option available.  Checkpoint tags and Checkpoint labels can be affixed to your high theft merchandise so that it is more difficult to steal.  Those customers that are looking for an easy steal see Checkpoint systems in place in your business and reconsider whether or not you are an easy target.  Simplicity is what most shoplifters desire when deciding whether or not to steal from a business, so by having a Checkpoint security system in place, you take away that element.

Checkpoint security tags are removable at the time the merchandise is purchased, at the register using a key.  Without the key, they are extremely difficult to remove and therefore offer a visual deterrent to the would-be shoplifter.  Shoplifters simply do not have the time in your business to try and remove Checkpoint tags before concealing the merchandise they wish to steal from you.  It is much easier to move on to the next, unprotected business.

Retail anti theft devices such as Checkpoint security systems can do the work for you when it comes to retail theft prevention.

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