Internal Theft – An employees guide to misappropriation? Atlanta

I know what you’re thinking? internal theft ? What the heck is that? Boy, if a retailer could really have the luxury of wondering.

Do this, imagine a nice beautiful airplane. You spent lots of money on building her up, beautifying her and are ready to get your customers going. The maiden voyage comes. It’s great. You have a solid customer base, you take on extra airplanes. You’re kicking back, enjoying the fruits of your hard labor when all of a sudden, you get a call. An airplane of yours is falling from the sky. You have a seasoned pilot at the wheel but he can’t control it without immediate and urgent help. You need to react quickly before it’s too late.

That’s kind of an example of what internal theft can do to your business if left unchecked. Employee theft and employee fraud claim millions of dollars each year from retailers and business owners across the country.

A former company I worked for had just that issue. This employee was a well liked and trusted individual. They had worked for this company for 20 + years, had keys to the store and manager level access to all alarms, and access control points.  They could do no wrong.  Merchandise went missing. Thousands of dollars worth. Where was it going? We investigated every single employee in the building. We looked at the receiving process, interviewed vendors. NOTHING! Only one answer, the employee everyone thought was above this. The trusted one.

We went completely black. Spoke with no one other than our immediate supervisors. We conducted surveillance on the long term employee, just 1 day and 1 night. Got him!

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to speak with the store management and corporate staff about the investigation we had just conducted and completed. The disbelief.

I interviewed the suspected employee, who subsequently admitted to over $135,000 in merchandise theft. Internal theft certainly was the case.

Internal theft can come quickly when controls are loosened or lax, be prepared. Never underestimate anyone and always perform due diligence on any investigation to truly uncover the causes of employee theft and employee fraud in your business.

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