Corporate Fraud…The Worker’s Compensation Nightmare In Atlanta

How can people skim money from an Atlanta area corporation? Through corporate fraud involving worker’s compensation claims.  There are three fraud areas that surround worker’s compensation; employee fraud, employer fraud and healthcare provider fraud.  Let’s take a look at each.

Employee fraud usually occurs when an individual working for a company intentionally misrepresents an injury or illness and receives worker’s compensation benefits to which they are not otherwise entitled.  For instance they may claim they have an injury but it either did not occur at the workplace or it never occurred at all.

Employer fraud occurs most often when a business misrepresents information about its work force.  For instance they may under report the number of employees they have in order to receive a lower premium for their workers’ compensation coverage.  Other types of corporate fraud involving the employer can include misrepresenting company ownership or misrepresenting past loss experience.

Healthcare provider fraud is unique in that the provider knowingly and intentionally submits a misrepresentation about medical treatment an employee received in a bill or invoice presented for payment. Corporate fraud of this type also includes billing for exams on patients that never occurred, billing for follow-up exams but listing them as first time exams, or hiding unnecessary services with the necessary ones.

These fraudulent activities cause small businesses to pay a premium for worker’s compensation coverage.  Do you suspect corporate fraud in your business?  Contact us at corporate fraud or call 1.770.426.0547.

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