Conducting Employee Theft Investigations – Atlanta Georgia

When conducting an employee theft investigation it is extremely important to establish proof of wrong-doing and to maintain strict confidentiality during the investigation process. We’ve all seen the television police dramas where the suspect is placed in a dimly lit room and detective so-and-so goes in with little more than a manila envelope and a gut feeling and gets the suspect to break down like a blubbering idiot and confess to every crime they’ve ever committed. Trust me, it doesn’t work like that in the real world.

I once had an ex-friend of an employee call the company and inform us that not only was this employee an habitual drug user, but that he had been stealing money from the registers for months in order to support his habit. I had previously assessed this employee’s character and didn’t find the allegations too far-fetched. Now, I could have dragged him in the office immediately and read him the riot act, but that type of “cowboy investigation” is liable to land your company in hot water and you, the investigator, on the unemployment line. Instead, I enlisted the help of one of my top detectives and, while maintaining strict confidentiality, performed an employee theft investigation using several point-of-sale reports and CCTV recordings to build our case.

Then, and only then, was the employee brought in for questioning. Although he did eventually confess, it really wasn’t necessary. I had already built a case so airtight that David Copperfield would have been hard-pressed to escape it. The entire process took just over 4 days. An employee theft investigation is an essential part of protecting your company’s bottom line, but they must always be conducted in a professional and confidential manner. Remember: Take swift action, obtain irrefutable evidence and maintain confidentiality and your employee theft investigation will be smooth as slippers on a slug. (Yeah, I made that up.)

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