Anti shoplifting efforts pay back the bottom line

Anti shoplifting efforts can be a profit booster from many angles. However, in my opinion, no efforts are easier to achieve than that of a checkpoint security system.

A checkpoint security system operates by detecting checkpoint security tags attached to merchandise throughout your stores that has not yet been deactivated at the point of sale. If and when a shoplifter conceals this tagged merchandise and passes through the checkpoint systems, an alarm is activated and puts the shoplifter in a very uncomfortable position. He has only one of two choices, run or drop the merchandise. Most often, shoplifters drop the merchandise and run.

Retail theft prevention and other anti shoplifting efforts have been around for many years, but retailers today are getting smarter about the protection and prevention methods. In years past, retail theft prevention was more of a reaction than prevention. With the incorporation of tools like checkpoint systems, the retailer is given more of a chance at self protection.

I worked in a chain of drug stores that had checkpoint security tags on much of its merchandise. Although this merchandise was well protected, the store was slow to install the tags on other high value merchandise. Over about a 6 month period, the amount of loss in the lines of merchandise not protected with checkpoint security tags increased bout greater than 1%. It was clear to the store team and I that our retail theft prevention program had to be stretched out to cover the other valuable items.

As time went on the store was able to prevent more loss and protect its profits. Today the store has more than 100 stores opened and can place a lot of the growth directly at the feet of retail theft prevention like checkpoint systems.

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