A Checkpoint Security System Can Have Visual Appeal And Still Stop Shoplifting

I am all about using things for multiple purposes. If someone can advertise their business on their vehicle with magnetic signs, decals, window screens, I say do it. Why buy an outfit for one event?If I invest in a suit for a special occasion you had better believe I’m going to find other reasons or places to wear it.  The same can be true for retailers. You may have considered investing in a Checkpoint Security System but you don’t want those antennas at the front of your store. You like the idea of electronic article surveillance (EAS) Checkpoint tags on your merchandise, but you think they will cover up barcodes on cosmetic items. Instead of making the purchase, you keep things as they are and do nothing to stop shoplifting. Stock shortage grows but some of these aesthetic issues bother you. I would like to assure you that a Checkpoint Security System does not have to detract from your business and in fact if you invest in the Evolve P30 EAS antenna, you can enhance your store.


I know it may sound odd to those who remember the days when EAS antennas were big, clunky and to be honest, just kind of bulky and taking up room. This is no longer the case. The Evolve P30 antenna has a slim design that is not unattractive to shoppers. To make it a better value the antenna can also be used as an advertising panel, allowing you to increase visual advertising as a customer enters and exits the store. It has enhanced detection capabilities giving it an improved ability to pick up signals from Checkpoint tags, making it more difficult for criminals to hide tagged merchandise and sneak it out of a store. What about the tags themselves? Checkpoint tags have gotten smaller over the years and yet they still provide maximum product protection. For small items like cosmetics there are the 3210 EP Clear Label. These are small and yet have windows that can be placed over barcodes that permit scanning without interrupting the speed of checkout. Because the tags are small they don’t cover up the information or packaging graphics that help to drive the sales of a product.  


If you have refused to this point to invest in a Checkpoint Security System due to the concerns I mentioned about aesthetics, I would challenge you to also look at the modern design of the hard tags. The tags are sleek and can be attached to suits, sports coats, designer dresses and accessories. The tags have the same ability to stop shoplifting as other tags, but these don’t detract from the clothes designs. Checkpoint tags also will not harm or damage the items they are placed on. Placed in a seam of an expensive garment, the tags provide protection to stop shoplifting but still look like they belong on this merchandise.


Finally, you may be concerned that a Checkpoint Security System deactivation pad at the Checkout lanes may detract from the appearance of your cash stands. Checkpoint has deactivation pads that may be incorporated into scan beds and there are also pads that are stand alone on the counter. The pads that are tied into a point of sale scan bed are out of sight and have no visual footprint. Stand-alone pads have small profiles, requiring little space and have no impact on the appearance of the cashier point of sale. In either case, Checkpoint Systems offer protection without negatively impacting a store’s appearance.

Retail theft prevention has to be a priority for a retailer otherwise shortage from theft can put a store out of business. Concern over the appearance of equipment used to stop shoplifting does not need to be a consideration. Find out all the benefits a Checkpoint Security System has to offer, including adding profit to your bottom line.


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