Target your anti shoplifting during known peak times

It’s not hard to figure out. Here are a few anti shoplifting schedule considerations:

· First thing in the morning, right after opening because what are you focused on? Getting the store open, putting cash into the drawer, dealing with the previous days problems and most important, that cup of coffee #1.

· Busy days because shoplifters like to blend into a crowd. Shoplifters do not want to stand out. They will dress and act like your normal customer.

· When a sales floor is unattended. What else can you say to this except “duh” do not leave the sales floor without coverage. Your anti shoplifting protection stops without employees.

· At closing time. Like at opening we are focused on finishing up the day, counting the drawers, cleaning up for tomorrow, securing the store and of course getting home.

In other words shoplifters steal whenever WE give them opportunity. Any companies anti shoplifting program will fail without a planning and common sense.

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