Bottle Security is nearly impossible to defeat…

I love stores that have bottle security in place. All of those liquor bottle locks are like soldiers in a neat little row, little plastic caps glistening in the compact fluorescent lighting. They seem to call out to the shoplifters saying, “Go ahead, I dare you to take me”.

It’s like having a little warning label on each individual bottle. You would have to be seriously desperate to even want to try and attempt to steal a bottle with a liquor bottle lock on it, particularly if that bottle lock is made by Alpha Security.

Not only do the bottle caps prevent anyone from consuming the alcohol inside the bottle, but they also work in conjunction with an EAS system to create an audible alarm if the bottle is stolen.

No bottle lock is easy to remove without the proper detachers. Even on the off chance that someone could successfully get a bottle of alcohol out the door, they still couldn’t do anything with it.

I read a Q&A one time about a customer got home and the store failed to remove the cap. There were several posts about what to do. They all added up to about the same thing. Either you break the bottle, or you take the bottle back to the store (with your receipt) to have the liquor bottle lock removed.

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