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I have had many opportunities over the years to stop shoplifting, or more accurately, to stop shoplifters in my stores. One of the easiest ways is to incorporate the use of Checkpoint labels and Checkpoint security tags into our day-to-day operations.

 Checkpoint security tags and Checkpoint labels are tested for quality and reliability. Checkpoint prides themselves at being at the top of the anti theft device game. They have blazed the trail to provide effective solutions to stop shoplifting.

 Checkpoint continues to innovate product specific solutions to assist in all of your shrink reduction needs. They have gone beyond the simple hard tags and now offer box locks, wraps, customizable adhesive labels and jewelry solutions, just to name a few.

 Having more solutions makes it easier for me to do my job and reduce shrink in my stores. I no longer have to spend my time reinventing the wheel just to make something work. I can just browse the list of Checkpoint solutions to see what will work in my situation.

 I find that I spend less time looking at what went wrong, because I was using the wrong product. Now I spend my time evaluating what went right and how can I produce those same results with my next problem area.

 Visit the Loss Prevention Store to purchase Checkpoint labels, Checkpoint security tags, and other RF labels that can help you stop shoplifting with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system in your business.

 For more information on Checkpoint labels, Checkpoint security tags, RF labels, RF security labels, RF security tags and how they work with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system to stop shoplifting contact us at RF label or call 1.866.914.2567


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