How Do They Do It?

A rather young, new employee asked me the other day how Checkpoint labels and Checkpoint security tags stop shoplifting. They didn’t really believe that a plastic tag or a little sticky label could really be an effective method to stop shoplifting. You could see the doubt brimming in their eyes.

 I told them it was a combination of several different facets all working together that created an efficient shortage reduction program. The first step was utilizing the RF labels and RF security tags.

 You see, the RF security tags and labels are a visual cue for potential thieves. They say that stealing any of the tagged items are going to be more difficult to get out the door without raising suspicion or notice.

 For those shoplifters that do try to beat the system, it will take them longer to either try (usually unsuccessfully) to defeat the tags, or they will set the alarm off as they go out the door.

 If they are noticed inside the store, they will generally be apprehended. Those that set the alarm off run the risk of having a license plate on their get away vehicle documented. Many a shoplifter has been apprehended after the fact by having a lead on the car’s make, color and plates.

 All in all, the word spreads quickly that this store takes shortages and theft seriously; best to move on to the next store and leave this one alone.

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