Don’t Be Fooled By a Knock- Off

If you have ever tried or switched from a name brand item to a generic or store brand item, you know that not all products are equivalent to each other. Some things turn out ok. There is not a glaring difference between the two. Sometimes, though, the difference between a name brand and a cheap knock off is alarming.

 When you are trying to stop shoplifting from occurring in your stores, you need to be wary of what off brands you use. You are libel to end up with an inferior foreign made item that does not stand up to the extreme quality controls of a Checkpoint label or a Checkpoint security tag.

 Not all RF labels and RF security tags are equal. Checkpoint has developed and adheres to strict quality controls; testing each and every RF security tag and RF label they make.

 Checkpoint believes in their quality and stands behind their name. They want you to believe in them too. This is one time where it is worth it to go with a trusted name brand. Your merchandise and your inventories are depending on it. Don’t be fooled by a knock off. Go with Checkpoint.

 Visit the Loss Prevention Store to purchase Checkpoint labels, Checkpoint security tags, and other RF labels that can help you stop shoplifting with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system in your business.

 For more information on Checkpoint labels, Checkpoint security tags, RF labels, RF security labels, RF security tags and how they work with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system to stop shoplifting contact us at RF label or call 1.866.914.2567


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