Anti Theft Devices Boost Profits and Keep Shoplifters Out

It is a proven fact that installing anti theft devices in retail applications will deter shoplifters sending them on to unprotected stores.  Retailers frustrated by theft often overlook how less inventory loss translates to more profits.  Lost inventory ends up affecting operating costs.  Just stating the obvious, higher costs means lower profits.  Lower costs mean higher profits.  You can make more money without having to sell more product.

The most effective solution that keeps the riff raff out of store is the installation of an Electronic Article Surveillance (or EAS) system.   Checkpoint security systems is the market leader in EAS systems.  The system includes installing pedestal mounted antennas at the entry/ exit ways.  These antennas are visible from just outside the door so shoplifters scoping out a potential target can see them before entering the store, and at that time will move on to another target.

The presence of anti shoplifting technology such as checkpoint security tags on clothes and merchandise in the store will deter the amateur shoplifter and the impulse shoplifter from stealing.  The checkpoint security tags are detected by the antennas at the doorways and will set off a loud alarm and flashing light alerting staff to attend to the situation.

The tag alarm on merchandise can only be removed by a specific tool that is mounted behind the cash out counter.  The tag alarm is highly visible and is a great visual deterrent.

To learn more about checkpoint security systems  anti shoplifting solutions visit here: anti theft devices or contact: Loss Prevention Systems, Inc., a national installation company.

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